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Call in to help preserve childcare and afterschool programs

A Message from the Center for Children’s Initiatives

Dear CCI Supporter,

Today is a critical day!

The Mayor will likely release his plans for the city budget this week – and we need to make sure he includes a significant new investment in child care and after-school services.

Newt’s secret service could feed 13,333 people a day

Today’s evidence that we’re forced to live in a 1% nation: Newt Gingrich’s all-but-defunct campaign costs taxpayers $40,000 daily. That’s enough to give 13,333 people food stamps each day. Bloomberg Businessweek reports:


Dow Jones posts fake release for two hours; bank gets fake website blacklisted, briefly


Bank of America executives, investors, and opponents alike reacted with surprise to yesterday’s news—posted for two hours on Dow Jones Newswire and elsewhere—that the mammoth financial institution, realizing it was heading for a taxpayer bailout, was asking Americans to start thinking about what they’ll do with the bank once they own it, and to start advertising that vision too.

New York: The Front Line in the Political Money Wars

Forget Washington, DC. The real front line in the battle to get big money out of politics is in Albany, New York’s capital and a rough-and-tumble hotbed of political corruption and dysfunction.

On Wednesday, a new campaign, Fair Elections for New York, will launch to implement a taxpayer-funded public financing system for statewide elections and slash the contribution limit for political donors.

MTA’s ‘$waps’ have backfired: report

The cash-strapped MTA is trapped in “toxic” long-term debt agreements that have cost it more annually than the agency has saved by slashing subway lines and reducing service two years ago, according to a report.

Subways, Just Another Public Service Under Wall St.’s Thumb

We took to the rails yesterday to highlight how much Wall Street is involved in transportation. The Gothamist reported that here in NYC, debt payments are the MTA’s second biggest expenditure. Their annual “fee” owed to the banks jumped from $868 million to a whopping $2 billion from 2003 to 2011.

Introducing MRNY’s New Leadership Team

An exciting message from our partners at Make the Road New York:

This week is the beginning of a new chapter in Make the Road New York’s history. After 15 amazing years, Andrew Friedman and Oona Chatterjee have stepped down as Co-Executive Directors, and in their place two equally amazing people are stepping in: starting this week, Deborah Axt and Javier H. Valdés are joining me to form the new executive team of Make the Road New York.