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  • Moreland Commission Hearing
  • When

  • Monday October 28th 5pm
  • Where

  • 655 W 34th St New York, NY 10001

October 28, 2013: NYC Moreland Commission Hearing II

The anti-corruption commission formed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo will meet at the Javits Center in New York City on Monday to discuss campaign finance reform, the panel announced this afternoon.

The Moreland Commission to Investigate Public Corruption will hear testimony from the co-executive directors of the state Board of Elections as well as the executive director of the New York City Campaign Finance Board.

The meeting will be held at 5 p.m. and will be streamed online.

In addition good-government advocates from NYPIRG, the League of Women Voters and Citizens Union will appear.

It’s also worth nothing the commission will hear testimony from a Connecticut official who oversees the state’s public financing sytem.

The Moreland Commission is considering recommending a constitutional amendment that would create a system of publicly financed campaigns statewide. The move would come after Senate Republican rebuffed efforts in the Legislature earlier this year.

The commission is issuing subpoenas that target both the law firms of state legislators as well as housekeeping accounts for the state parties and legislative conferences.

The panel has come under some negative attention in recent weeks after reports surfaced that Gov. Andrew Cuomo had taken a strong hand in directing the commission’s work and that it had halted subpoenas to sensitive areas, such as the state Democratic Committee and the Real Estate Board of New York.

Siena College poll today found most New Yorkers don’t have much of an opinion on the Moreland Commission, but voters want the panel to continue its anti-corruption work.


  • New York CIty Moreland Commission Public Hearing
  • When

  • 6 p.m., Tuesday, September 17, 2013 (Doors open at 5 p.m.)
  • Where

  • Pace University, NY Campus - Multipurpose Room

September 17, 2013:

On the Sept. 17th, the 2 year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street, voters, public officials, community groups, and policy experts will head back to the Financial District and stand up to the corrupt lawmakers and corporations. The Moreland Commission to Investigate Public Corruption has begun its statewide sweep of campaign finance abuses by announcing its first three public hearings.

The statewide hearings will focus on three major issues:

  • Criminal statutes for corruption and misconduct by public officials, such as bribery laws.

  • Campaign financing including but not limited to contribution limits and other restrictions; disclosure of third-party contributions and expenditures; and the effectiveness of existing campaign finance laws.

  • Compliance of outside organizations and persons with existing lobbying laws, including but not limited to organizations engaged in lobbying and other efforts to influence public policies and elections, and the effectiveness of such laws.

  • Adequacy and enforcement of the State’s election laws and electoral process including: the structure and composition of the State and County Boards of Elections, the Board of Elections’ enforcement, and the effectiveness of and compliance with existing election laws.

The first hearing will be held on Tuesday, September 17 in the Multipurpose Room at Pace University, 1 Pace Plaza in Manhattan’s Financial District.

The hearing is open to the public and will begin at 6PM with doors opening at 5PM. Residents, public officials, advocacy groups, policy experts are invited and encouraged to give testimony on the issues being discussed.

RSVP HERE and be with us on September 17 at 6PM to demand real action on Fair Elections from the Moreland Commission and Albany — your voice matters.


  • #Minwage Protest at Skelos-Crain's Breakfast
  • When

  • 7:30 AM
  • Where

  • JW Marriott Essex House New York, Grand Salon, 160 Central Park South, New York City

February 6, 2013: Protest Senate Co-President Skelos – Raise the Wage!

Senate Co-President Dean Skelos is dragging his heels on raising the minimum wage.  Workers, organizers & advocates will leaflet outside the Crain’s Business Breakfast Forum on Central Park South February 6.  Who supports raising the wage?  80% of New Yorkers, 70% of Republicans, Governor Cuomo, Speaker Silver, Senate Co-President Klein, hundreds of New York businesses, over 33,000 New Yorkers, and the Economist, Bloomberg News and Crain’s NY Business itself. 

Join us Wednesday morning to tell Skelos it’s time to raise the wage and index it to inflation, so New York can make real progress towards economic fairness and a strong economy for all.

Crain’s Min Wage Editorial and Flyer 

Read more:


  • When

  • Jan 29 11AM
  • Where

  • Westminster Presbyterian Church and State Capitol, Albany NY


Rally and interfaith service calling for increase in minimum wage – Albany NY

Tuesday, Jan. 29 2013 at 11 a.m.

WHERE: March from Westminster Presbyterian Church to the Capitol—11 a.m.
Rally and Interfaith Service at Million Dollar Staircase—12 p.m.
Deliver Petition Signatures to New York State Senate—12:45 p.m.

WHO: Raise the Minimum Wage Coalition

Michael Mulgrew, President, United Federation of Teachers
Stuart Appelbaum, President, Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union
Rev. Que English, New York City Clergy Roundtable
Rev. Michael Ellick, Occupy Faith
Bishop Orlando Findlayter, Churches United to Save and Heal
Myrna Capaldi, Worker Justice Center of New York

WHY: At $7.25 per hour, New York’s minimum wage remains decades out of date. With growing numbers of New Yorkers relying on low-wage jobs to survive, too many do not earn enough to afford basic expenses. Governor Cuomo has proposed raising New York’s minimum wage to $8.75 per hour. New Yorkers from across the state will call on Albany lawmakers to do everything in their power raise the minimum wage to at least $8.75 per hour, with indexing to allow for annual adjustments that keep pace with the rising cost of living.



  • When

  • Dec 19 Noon
  • Where

  • Office of U.S. Rep. Pete King


Press Rep. Pete King for a fair deal on the “fiscal cliff,” including an end to the Bush tax cuts for the rich to fund recovery and reconstruction for Long Island and New York.

Take the LIRR to Rep. King’s office in Massapequa Park for a Noon rally with tax-fairness Christmas carols, lumps of coal, snacks & treats and an honest call for fairness on the fiscal cliff.



  • Stand Up For Us - Fiscal Cliff Rally
  • When

  • Dec 10 5PM
  • Where

  • 780 Third Avenue (at 48th Street) Manhattan * Offices of Senators Schumer & Gillibrand

December 10, 2012: Stand Up For Us – Fiscal Cliff Rally

Call on Senators Schumer & Gillibrand to reject House Majority proposals for cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, stand up for tax fairness, and focus on recovery and rebuilding New York City and Long Island after Superstorm Sandy.

We’ll be joined by allies from labor, community, student & faith groups, including — and by the “Patriotic Millionaires” who support fair-share tax hikes on wealthy taxpayers like them.

Sign up here!



  • Rally For Economic Fairness
  • When

  • Dec 6 5PM
  • Where

  • Times Square - 42nd Street & 7th Avenue Manhattan

December 6, 2012: Rally For Economic Fairness

Fast Food Workers Join with Thousands from Retail, Car Washes, and Airports to Demand Good Jobs, Higher Wages and a Fair Deal on the “Fiscal Cliff” — On heels of fast food strike, low-wage workers and activists unite to take campaign for economic fairness to New York City’s commercial districts during holiday shopping season.

WHAT: Press conference, march, rally and protest actions at low-wage employer
locations and Penn Station

WHO: Workers from fast food restaurants, airport contractors, carwashes, supermarkets and other sectors; New York Communities for Change; Make the Road NY; La Fuente; NYC Central Labor Council; Strong Economy for All Coalition; 32BJ SEIU; UnitedNY; RWDSU; progressive activists including

WHEN: Thursday, December 6 at 5 PM

WHERE: 42nd Street and 7th Ave., NYC

Since the financial crisis, low-wage work has accounted for all net new jobs in New York City and New York State. While the corporations that employ these workers have recovered from downturn and are now earning massive profits, they continue to pay their workers low wages without benefits, often exploiting their workers through wage theft and workplace abuses.

Workers have begun to fight back, with fast food workers being the latest to join airport, car wash and supermarket workers in organizing for better pay and respect on the job within New York City. Workers and their allies realize that in order to get the economy working again, the focus must be on putting money into the pockets of hard-working men and women in our city through fair wages and the creation of good jobs, funded in part by a fair deal on the “fiscal cliff.”

As working families struggle to survive, some members of Congress have prioritized cutting Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and are threatening to take the country over the fiscal cliff to keep the wealthiest 2% of Americans from paying their fair share. Labor, community, student, faith and progress groups are united to end the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy, protect the safety net and invest in jobs and broader prosperity.


  • People's Yacht Trip on the Staten Island Ferry
  • When

  • Dec 1 11:30AM
  • Where


December 1, 2012: People’s Yacht Trip on the Staten Island Ferry

We want a clear statement from U.S. Representative Michael Grimm: Will you stand up for regular New Yorkers who need help? Or do you stand with the millionaires and billionaires?

Labor! * Community! * Students! * Faith! * Patriotic Millionaires! Join us!  Saturday December 1 at 11:30 AM for a PEOPLE’S YACHT TRIP ON THE STATEN ISLAND FERRY

End the Bush Tax Cuts for the Rich To Fund Recovery and Reconstruction for Staten Island and NYC

11:30AM * STATEN ISLAND FERRY MANHATTAN TERMINAL * 4 South St New York, NY 10004-1940

12:45PM * STATEN ISLAND BOROUGH HALL * 10 Richmond Terrace SI, NY 10301

INFO: Olivia Leirer 646-479-3426



  • Fiscal Cliff Conference Call Teach-Ins
  • When

  • Nov 27 11AM & 7PM

November 27, 2012: Conference Call Teach-Ins

We’ve got five weeks to get Congress to put regular people first for a change. Join us Tuesday for a telephone teach-in about the fiscal cliff, the statewide campaign to end the Bush tax cuts for the top 2%, and how you can get involved!

Two options:

11:00 am – Tuesday, November 27th – Click here to RSVP:

7:00 pm – Tuesday, November 27th – Click here to RSVP:

This year’s election was about demanding fairness and accountability from government.  We won’t sit still while Wall Street and the super-rich rig the system.

What happens next will test the power of our progressive movement. We won the election.

Now we’ll be fighting to:

* End the Bush Tax Cuts for the top 2% (stopping an average $130,000 tax cut for millionaires)

* Protect Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid from any cuts

* Create good-paying jobs to help rebuild our economy

For the next five weeks, we’ll need you to make phone calls to Congress, join us at events and rallies, write to your local newspapers and post to Facebook and Twitter.

It’s all hands on deck — for the next five weeks — to make sure we win the most important budget fight in decades.

After years of right-wing members of congress holding the interests of working families hostage, we now have the upper hand.

It’s up to us.

Please join us on Tuesday at either 11:00 am or 7:00 pm to get involved.


  • Fiscal Cliff Press Conference
  • When

  • Thursday Nov 8 Noon
  • Where

  • LCA Press Room, First Floor Legislative Office Building Albany, NY

November 8, 2012: U.S. Rep. Paul Tonko & Advocates Mobilize on Fiscal Cliff

Press conference with Congressman Paul Tonko and a diverse array of community, labor and faith leaders calling on their federal officials to demand a fair deal that protects Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and ensures the wealthiest pay their fair share.