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  • The 99% To Celebrate Two Months of #OWS With a Massive, Nationwide Day of Action for Jobs and Economic Justice
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  • November 17, 2011

November 17, 2011: November 17: All-day NYC actions

The 99% To Celebrate Two Months of #OWS With a Massive, Nationwide Day of Action for Jobs and Economic Justice

NEW YORK, NY – Occupy Wall Street, labor and community groups, and members of the 99% will celebrate the two month anniversary of the #OWS movement with a massive day of action next Thursday, November 17th to call for job creation and economic justice. New York is leading the charge in this first nationally coordinated day of action between labor, community groups and Occupy Wall Street, with Occupies in 30 cities across the country participating in the day.

Members of the 99% will gather in the afternoon at subway hubs throughout New York’s five boroughs to share their personal struggles and inspiring stories. Protesters will make their way by subway and then via a march from lower Manhattan to Foley Square – site of the twenty-thousand person #OWS and labor rally and march that occurred on October 5th – for a massive general assembly. The day of action will culminate in a celebration as participants give even stronger voice to the fight for jobs and economic justice.

Targeted subway hubs will include Broadway Junction and Borough Hall in Brooklyn; 125th St at St. Nicholas and Union Square in Manhattan; Jackson Heights/Roosevelt Ave and Jamaica Center Parsons/Archer in Queens; Fordham Road, 3rd Ave. and 138th St., and Yankee Stadium in the Bronx; and the St. George/Staten Island Ferry Terminal in Staten Island, among others.

The message of Occupy Wall Street is clear: the big banks and corporations are not doing enough to help create jobs, strengthen the economy, and give back to the taxpayers who helped to bail them out in their time of need. In New York, protesters will specifically call for an extension of the state’s Millionaire’s Tax – an additional state income tax bracket on the wealthiest New Yorkers earning more than $200,000 per year.

New York State struggles significantly with vast income inequality, largely exacerbated by the recession. Despite having the greatest income inequality level of any state in the nation, on December 31 of this year New York will give a five billion dollar tax break to its wealthiest residents when the Millionaire’s Tax expires. Allowing this tax to expire would put millions back into the pockets of big bank CEOs, corporate executives, and other millionaire and billionaire New Yorkers. But that money comes at a heavy cost – this tax break for the uber-wealthy will be paid for by painful cuts to school funding, basic social programs, and even services for homeless children.

Community groups participating in the November 17th day of action will include UnitedNY, NY Communities for Change, Strong Economy for All Coalition, the Working Families Party, LaFuente/NYCPP and Make the RoadNY. Participating labor organizations include UFT, SEIU 1199, SEIU 32BJ, CWA, TWU, UAW Region 9A, Workers United, and PSC-CUNY.

The Occupy Wall Street movement and the November 17th day of action have also been endorsed by the following organizations: Make the Road NY, Move On, Citizen Action NY, Coalition for the Homeless, Common Cause NY, Community Voices Heard, Goddard Riverside Community Center, Granny Peace Brigade, Hunger Action Network of NY, 2022- A Penn South Organization, 99ers, Chelsea Forum, Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador (CISPES), Coalition for Educational Justice, the Job Party, Judson Memorial Church, NEDAP, New Deal for New York, New Sanctuary NYC, Northern Manhattan Coalition for Immigrant Rights, NYC Coalition for Education Justice, Peaceful Uprising, and Right to the City.