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  • OWS S17 Support Planning Meeting
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  • 50 Broadway 2nd Floor Room E

August 16, 2012: Occupy Wall Street 1-Year Anniversary – Community-Labor Support Meeting

All Roads Lead to Wall Street


Remember last September 17 and the days and weeks that followed?

People were drawn from all over the City and all over America to occupy Wall Street and call out the greed that’s crippling our country and our world.

Inspired by the Arab Spring and fueled by participation in May 12, Bloombergville, amazing organizing campaigns and the courage of thousands of people taking direct action, we joined together.  Community, labor, students and faith groups joined up with Occupiers and dramatically changed the terms of debate on dozens of issues in just a few months.

We made history.

You were part of building that momentum—and you know that you are needed now more than ever before.

In a huge election year, it’s clear that our government and our democracy are now for sale to the highest bidder.  In a time of continuing unemployment, debt and tough times for the 99%, the super-rich are living lives of luxury and trying to buy the policies that will lock in their advantages permanently.

We’re all fighting to take back our country – and Occupy Wall Street is in the forefront of that fight.

OWS will celebrate its one-year anniversary next month.  And it’s important that New York activists and organizers help make the anniversary something that sends a strong message across the City, across the State, all over the country and around the world.

It’s time to take the “for sale” sign off our democracy and take it back for the people.  It’s time to stop the huge flows of corporate money into politics and put voters back in.  It’s time to stop the 1% and empower the 99%.

To stop Big Money and Wall Street greed, we need a fighting force that takes on the strongest elements of the 1% with people power, direct action, smart strategy and fierce moral urgency.  We need a strong and active Occupy Wall Street.

Please join us next Thursday, August 16 at 4:30PM for an organizing meeting to support three days of music, education, activism and direct action in support of Occupy Wall Street and a broad movement for economic and social justice.


TIME:   4:30PM – 6PM


Join us next Thursday afternoon to hear about the plans and begin our work to support and participate in this important effort.



We are the 99%. There are more of us than them and they know it.


Michael Kink

Strong Economy For All Coalition


Camille Rivera

United New York


Bill Lipton

Working Families Party


Jonathan Westin

New York Communities for Change


Marco Carrion

New York City Central Labor Council


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