Get Corporate Money Out of Elections


The election system is broken–and we all know it.  It’s time for change.

Elected officials spend too little time with their local communities, too little time on making government work effectively and way too much much time raising funds for their own campaigns.  Regular people who want to run for office for the right reasons face big barriers to public service.

And now that  corporations are considered people when it comes to campaign donations, spending is less regulated and less transparent– it’s all getting worse and worse.

Big money has way too much influence over government. Instead of a democracy where voters and citizens call the shots, we’ve got an oligarchy where big businesses and the very rich fund elections and sway the most important positions of most candidates and both parties.

The result: a government and an economy that works great for the 1%, instead of real democracy and a strong economy for all.

We’re working in Albany to fight for public financing of elections that would give regular people a real voice in politics and limit the impact of big corporations and big money.

And we’re working nationwide to help activists take direct action against the corrupt donors and politicians who are trashing our democracy and destroying our economy.  It’s a practical and patriotic response to an out-of-control system that most Americans don’t support and want to change.