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#KochParty Protest in the Hamptons Dominates National News

On Sunday afternoon, a diverse coalition of activists and occupiers from across New York descended upon a fundraiser for presidential candidate Mitt Romney at the Southhampton home of billionaire David Koch.  The protests — and the arrogant comments of 1% Romney donors — have dominated national news coverage of the campaign since then, leading influential conservative David Frum to tweet “If Romney loses, this weekends fundraiser will feature in every postmortem.”

Citing the ever-growing and pervasive influence of Koch Industries’ money on our electoral system, over 200 activists from Occupy Wall Street, The Long Island Progressive Coalition, Greenpeace, Move to Amend [Brookhaven], ALIGN NY, Art Not War, Strong For All,, United New York, Occupy Storefront and Occupy Huntington, Long Island took action to non-violently disrupt the fundraiser at David Koch’s shorefront estate located at 880 Meadow Lane in Southhampton.

While Romney attended three fundraisers that day in the Hamptons, the demonstrators have made it clear that the Koch Estate was their only target. The coalition of activists initially assembled by the End Corporatism Affinity Group of Occupy Wall Street took a non-partisan stance, uniting around a unified message that corporate money is exponentially diluting and subverting our democratic process — a phenomenon not limited to one single party. To the demonstrators, David and Charles Koch embody everything that is wrong with money in politics.

“Our democracy is up for sale and 1%’ers like David Koch are buying — they’re cornering the market in politicians who will do their bidding, ” said Michael Kink, Executive Director of the Strong Economy For All Coalition. “It’s clear that we won’t get an economy that works for regular people until we get a government that makes regular people the top priority. That’s why we’re working to bring community, labor, student, faith and Occupy groups together to turn up the heat on the 1% and the politicians they own — we’ll keep taking direct action until we get a democracy America can be proud of.”


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