Michael Kink-Strong For All Exec. Dir. Summary Notes on Tax Issues In The Budget

On the budget & inequality:
“The tax provisions in this budget provide the biggest benefits to the wealthy and to Wall Street — they’ll make our worst-in-the-nation income inequality even worse”, said Michael Kink, Executive Director of the Strong Economy For All Coalition.  
On the elimination of the Bank Tax;
“Wall Street in New York is like oil & gas in Texas — their lobbyists usually get what they ask for.  What they got in this budget is a $350 million per year Albany bailout they don’t need and don’t deserve.”




Today’s the day to stop the Albany bailout for Wall Street – call your representatives TODAY, MONDAY MARCH 10 and tell them to reject Cuomo’s new tax break for big banks.


Cuomo’s proposal to eliminate the Bank Tax and lower rates of taxation will cost between $250 and $350 million per year – and the Governor admits that this new giveaway will be paid for with new austerity cuts elsewhere in the state budget.




Michael Kink Statement regarding Senator Skelos remarks on UPKNYC

“Senator Skelos should let democracy work. New York City deserves a vote on its home rule power to tax its own millionaires to pay for universal pre-k for its own children– the same as every other county in the state. Its not right for Senator Skelos and his legislative minority to block families and children from a shot at a brighter future.”

Strong Economy For All Coalition Statement on Cuomo Budget Address

Governor Cuomo’s effort to improve public trust in government will damaged by his proposal to give a billion dollars a year in new tax breaks to millionaires, billionaires and Wall Street.

New Yorkers care about both process and substance when it comes to state government — and they’re demanding action that will address the income inequality crisis that’s killing our economy.

These unfair & unneeded tax breaks will make inequality worse.

The Legislature should put that billion dollars to better use reducing inequality, creating more jobs with higher wages, expanding opportunities in education and higher education and fighting record-high levels of poverty and homelessness.

Strong Economy For All Coalition statement on Cuomo budget & public financing of elections

“By including public financing of state elections in his budget proposal, Governor Cuomo has demonstrated national leadership in the effort to reinvigorate our democracy and restore public trust in government.
New Yorkers need to know that state government can work for all of us.  Governor Cuomo is taking a big step towards ensuring that the voices of everyday New Yorkers can be heard above the din of big money — we urge the Legislature to support him and pass this proposal into law.”

Coalition Statement on Gov. Cuomo and AG Eric Schneiderman Chase settlement Deal

“We applaud Attorney General Schneiderman for listening to advocates and homeowners, and for standing up for New Yorkers by ensuring there will be significant money available to help working families stay in their homes. 

New York Inequality Budget Sign-On Letter

January 22, 2013
Honorable Governor Andrew Cuomo
Honorable Speaker Sheldon Silver
Honorable Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb
Honorable Majority Coalition Leader Dean Skelos
Honorable Senate Co-Leader Jeff Klein
Honorable Senate Minority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins
Dear State Leaders:
New York State has the worst income inequality in the nation – a broader divide between the rich and the poor than anywhere else.  We suffer unprecedented levels of homelessness and hunger throughout our state.  In our largest cities, half of the children live in poverty. 
We can’t accept these levels of poverty and inequality – it’s ethically wrong, it’s hurting our economy and it demands action for progress and change.
We urge you to evaluate this year’s budget proposals through the lens of income inequality.  And we urge you to eliminate proposals that make inequality worse, and boost those that ameliorate the crisis and broaden prosperity.
To cite a simple example: it’s wrong to provide over a billion dollars in tax cuts to the wealthiest families and biggest banks in our state at a time when so many New Yorkers are suffering.  These funds could go to more productive uses that would benefit significantly more people who need help badly.
We can’t afford a $750-million-per-year estate tax break that disproportionately benefits the wealthiest 200 families in our state while millions suffer in poverty.  It’s not right to provide a $350-million-per-year tax break to big banks at a time of record profits on Wall Street and record homelessness in New York City.  
We believe is time to put the middle class over millionaires. 
The past three budgets have implemented austerity measures that have made the daily lives of struggling families more difficult and have disproportionately hurt our schools, our communities and many of our poorest residents.  We need more action from state government to boost paychecks, invest in children and families, and lift New Yorkers out of poverty. And we must ensure that any tax relief provided in this budget is targeted to the working and middle class families that need it the most. 
We urge you to negotiate changes to the Executive Budget Proposal that meaningfully address New York’s income inequality crisis, that lift families and children out of poverty, and that grow our economy from the bottom up. 
To sign on email Ron Deutsch, Executive Director of New Yorker for Fiscal Fairness at by Tuesday, January 21 COB – we’ll send you details on the press conference shortly!

Michael Kink Exec. Dir. Strong Economy For All Coalition on Governor Cuomo’s State of the State Speech

We share Governor Cuomo’s concern with improving New York’s economy — but to do that, we’ve got to overcome the worst income inequality in the nation. We need to reduce inequality and put the middle class over millionaires.

We need more investments in housing, education, front-line government services and fighting poverty & homelessness — these will grow the economy more effectively than tax cuts for the rich.

Strong Economy For All Coalition Exec. Director Michael Kink statement on Cuomo tax Proposals

If you care about fighting inequality, you know that New York doesn’t need new tax breaks for millionaires, billionaires and Wall Street banks.  We’ve got to prioritize the middle class over millionaires.

Report: Pataki Tax Proposal Makes Inequality Worse

        Leading progressive groups in New York have released a report, (Download Here), criticizing the recommendations of the New York State Tax Relief Commission, co-chaired by former Governor Pataki, as fiscally reckless and favoring the wealthiest New Yorkers and corporations at the expense of the state’s working families. The report details the flawed budgeting and severe inequity of the recommendations, which fail to adequately address urgent needs in education funding, health care, infrastructure investments, and progressive tax relief for lower and middle-income families.