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Want a Fair Deal on the Fiscal Cliff? Occupy Their Facebook Pages!

Today activists from all over New York are posting comments on the Facebook pages of House members who haven’t yet expressed their willingness to end the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy to help avoid the “fiscal cliff” austerity bomb of budget cuts and tax hikes that will hit low-income and working New Yorkers the hardest.

If we go over the cliff, across-the-board spending cuts will hit schools, housing and emergency food aid; even FEMA assistance to Sandy survivors will be slashed as more than $800 million is cut from public and private employers in our state including schools, senior services and homeless housing programs.  Over 200,000 New Yorkers will lose unemployment benefits and start applying for welfare, and millions of families will start to see a tax increase in the first paycheck of 2013.

If New York House GOP members Pete King, Michael Grimm, Ann Marie Buerkle, Chris Gibson, Tom Reed, Richard Hanna and Nan Hayworth were willing to do what a majority of New Yorkers want — tax the wealthy and prevent harsh cuts to students, seniors  and working families — we can get a fair deal on the fiscal cliff.

Poke them today!

Rep. Peter King:
Rep. Michael Grimm:
Rep. Ann Marie Buerkle
Rep. Chris Gibson
Rep. Richard Hanna