The Strong Economy for All Coalition fights for fair taxes and fair budgets, more jobs and better wages, investments in education and higher education for our future, a strong safety net and public financing of elections.

We led the successful effort to pass the Millionaires Tax in New York in 2011.  Now we’re working on a roadmap that takes our state away from austerity towards prosperity and a stronger economy that works for all of us.

New York is now #1 in the nation for income inequality.  We need to go in a different direction.  At a time when millionaires and billionaires are making more than ever, we should move towards fair tax and budget policies that invest in education and higher education, create jobs, raise wages and strengthen the safety net.   And we should reform our campaign finance laws so elected officials work for regular people, not for their corporate sponsors.

We are made up of some of New York’s most engaged and effective unions and community organizations